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Testimonial #1

“Tom and I have already seen Emma using the leadership skills she learned. A few weeks ago she received a nomination from one of her teachers to attend a leadership workshop out of state next summer. She is very excited to attend but she doesn’t know anybody who will be there. As we were talking about it she said, “If I go, I will be putting myself in an uncomfortable situation.” The fact that she is considering going is wonderful because she would have never thought about it since none of her friends are going.”
“Another example of her using the leadership skills is during the soccer tryouts that are currently going on. She was telling me about how to get rid of the negative self- talk and stay positive given the fact there are 60 plus girls trying out for one team. She was reminding me about the exercise of putting all of the negative thoughts (soccer balls) into the bag and how heavy it got. It is really nice knowing that Emma is learning skills that will help guide her through all types of situations.”

Testimonial #2

“Dear Coach Denise,
I am Juliet’s dad and I am also her soccer coach. I wanted to say “thank you” for the hard work you and the coaching staff have put into the Future 50 program. My daughter is 8 years old and is probably the youngest and least experienced player in the program. She has played soccer for 3 seasons (U6, U7 and is U8s this year). She has also completed one week of USF camp last summer. However, It has been a chore for my wife and I to keep her motivated to continue with soccer. We feared this U8 season would have been her last season of soccer and she was asking us to let her give it up. However, I have to say we noticed an immediate change in motivation and attitude after just two sessions in your program. I think the leadership skill building, the mentoring and the role models you have for the girls in the program are outstanding.”
“We knew Juliet was not as technically advanced as the other girls in the group, but we wanted to expose her to the leadership and role models that Futures 50 offers to young women. Juliet is an only child and she’s never interacted with someone she could look up to. The staff and players in your program are awesome women and as their coaches I know you are proud of that fact. I wanted to thank both of you personally for the one-on-one time you’ve spent with Juliet to ensure she feels like she’s a part of the team. We have noticed a 180 degree difference in her attitude and motivation both on the Fusion Soccer Field and at home after just two weeks. We could not be more pleased with the program! “

Testimonial #3

“We really like what you and Coach Denise have done to Future 50 this year. The drills, small-sided games and leadership seminars seem to be more focused and intense, and I think the smaller group sizes is a great innovation. We really appreciate the value Emily is getting for the very reasonable cost. I don’t know if Future 50 gets all of the credit (she’s worked really hard at practice), but Emily moved up from a reserve (averaging 20-30 minutes/game) to starter (playing all but about 10 minutes of the last five games) on her club team since starting Future 50. I think the confidence she is gaining at USF certainly made an impression on her coach.”

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